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See that chick in the picture right there, that's me! Yep, I'm Laura. For the past 7 years I have been known in the wedding industry as a photographer and I love it! However, I have always been very crafty outside of photography. My favorite photos to take are the detail shots. It's all in the details! This goes for everything in life. Over the course of 7 years I've had bride after bride ask me if I had any suggestions as to what they should do with their bouquet. I had NO CLUE! Flowers were not my thing.. yet... Fast forward to the dawn of TikTok... I came across a floral preservation artist based in the UK. Now at this point I have grown to love resin art. It's so shiny. :) About a year ago I asked a bride if I could have some of her flowers from the table displays. Good thing I did because that is how we ended up here.    

Want to know more?

There you are!

So you want to know more about me huh.. Well here ya go. The fun, the weird, the ugly and the truth!

- I own a lot of resin
- I am pretty socially awkward, but love big groups
- Dogs and cats are to basic for me, I have lizards and snakes
- My floors in my office are now sticky from resin drips
(didn't think that all the way through when I started this)
- I have a lot of flowers, and my house now smells like a florist shop
- I talk a lot, and about random things that only seem to make since to me.
- I love seeing peoples reactions when I give them a piece of art.
- I am very sensitive to others emotions, if you cry I will probably cry with you. 


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