frequently asked questions

The first step is to make your reservation through our reservation page. Once you book your reservation you will receive a confirmation email. While you are waiting on your wedding day to arrive you can browse our packages and pieces to see what interests you most.

Now your wedding day has finally arrived! You will ship your flowers on the next business day according to our shipping instructions or we will arrange for local pickup in advance. Once we receive your flowers we will begin drying them. This process takes about 2-3 weeks. While the flowers are drying we will create an invoice for the remaining total using your order form. The whole process can take anywhere from 12-16 weeks depending on the size of the order.

Absolutely! We have you covered! If you are interested in preserving your air dried bouquet the process is the same. The only difference is that we do not have to dry your flowers. You are still required to make a reservation for flowers that are already dried

We strongly recommend that you book as soon as you have your wedding date. Each bouquet takes time to preserve carefully, therefore we can only accept up to 7 bouquets per week. In order to secure your spot, we require a down payment of $150 to be completed to lock in our current pricing. 

Yes!  we want to be able to design these with you! You will get a form with questions regarding the layout options  after your wedding, when your flowers are completely dried. You can also opt for a consultation where we can discuss all the design options!

Layout options:
a. Centered
b. Corner
c. Diagonal
d. Artist Interpretation: We will create the best layout depending on your florals!

* You can add charms, lace, ribbons and other elements to your piece

Unfortunately, no not all flowers dry the same. Red roses dry much darker than their original color. Lilies and orchids dry paper thin and are extremely delicate. Some flowers can have “bruising” which causes translucent spots on the petals when they are in resin, we see this a lot with white roses. We cannot preserve succulents as they can not be dried out. Please feel free to inquire with us if you are curious about the exact flowers you will have in your bouquet.

Additionally, we can only preserve your flowers in the condition in which we receive them. Its important to get your bouquet to us right away. 

Yes! Many of our bouquets come from outside of New Orleans. As long as you’re located in one of the lower 48 states, we can help.

*Hawaii & Alaska: There may be an excessive shipping cost for out of the country/Hawaii/Alaska orders. Keep this in mind since your flowers will need to be shipped overnight.

Once you complete your order, we will send you Shipping & Care instructions.

Because overnighting your bouquet the Monday after the wedding is crucial, we recommend that you check with your local post office rates prior to confirming your booking. Shipping to 70447